Abolicionizmo Muziejus

Trafficking & prostitution

Trafficking and prostitution are inextricably linked. In Europe, 65% of trafficking in human beings is for the purpose of sexual exploitation. Among these 65% of sexually exploited persons, 95% are women (European Commission, 2018, p18). 

Sex is a key criteria in prostitution. Sexual exploitation would not exist if there was no demand for it. However, when it comes to prostitution, those who advocate for its legalisation often oppose the link between trafficking and prostitution. This denies and covers up the exploitation and violence that women and girls are subjected to. 

“A person cannot have the right to be raped. A person has only the right to live without being subjected to rape.” (Monica O. Connor, Grainne Healy, The Links Between Prostitution and Sex Trafficking: A Briefing Handbook, 2006)