Abolicionizmo Muziejus


“There was this one guy, friend of my sister who used to come over. He saw, that we lived poorly and that’s when he offered a job. He said there’s a girl he knows, she knows a good job in Italy. All you will have to do is to sit in the bar and start talking with the customers, who come in, drink with them and that’s all, nothing else. So we agreed, because there were no conditions for us and it seemed like a good offer. We didn’t see anything bad coming, especially when he said that it was this woman offering this job. At first all seemed exciting, then it all started. Alcohol, drugs. You take a lot of drugs, use them, so you’ll forget all of it all the faster I don’t remember if I even had sober nights. When I was there I’d drink a lot and wouldn’t eat much, just coffee, in the morning a cigarette and whiskey with cola and that way I tried to calm myself down that way until evening. And in the evening.. I would drink more, drink with the customers, and then it all didn’t seem so bad. If we wanted already to go home, we had to work off that money for the boss, as much as possible, work all the faster, to earn back the money for him