Abolicionizmo Muziejus

Prostitution in Europe

When we talk about laws on prostitution, there are three choices a country can make: Legalization, Prohibition and Abolitionism.

In Europe, prostitution is legal in The Netherlands, which has its famous Red Lights District in Amsterdam, Germany, often named as the brothel of Europe, Poland, Latvia, Belgium, Spain – which is considered Europe’s biggest markets of prostitution and more.

Prostitution is prohibited in Croatia, Romania and Lithuania, however the prohibition in Lithuania in this context is different: as opposed to Croatia and Romania, the Law in Lithuania criminalizes both the sex buyer and women in prostitution.

Only three countries in Europe , France, Sweden and Ireland, have an abolitionist law, that decriminalizes people in prostitution in par with providing exit programs and criminalizes sex buyers as well as those who profit (traffickers and exploiters) from prostitution.