Abolicionizmo Muziejus

Traffickers & pimps

Traffickers and pimps are not just unfamiliar male criminals who kidnap and sell women for prostitution. Very often they hide behind the image of a “loverboy”, “boyfriend”, a “good friend”, a family acquaintance or even a local officer with a good status. Entry into prostitution is not always rough and sudden. Women and girls are lured into this trap through acts of trust, false affection, care, protectiveness. In other words, manipulation is how those who profit from prostitution lure women into prostitution.

How a person is lured into prostitution:

1. Induction
Firstly, he makes a good impression of himself, thus slowly gaining her trust. Then he begins to create the image that he is the only one who can understand her. He even showers the woman with gifts, makes explicit the status of their relationship, making the woman more dependent on him.

2. Creating dependence
He becomes increasingly possessive, persuading the woman to reject those she feels close to or to cut off close ties, which isolates her from her close environment.

3. Taking control
He starts to control her, limiting her freedom and choice of who she interacts with, what she wears, what she eats or even what she thinks. Control is accompanied by rules or even the use of threats and violence. But he himself remains inconsistent and may even start to appear untrustworthy, denying his own behaviour by pressing her to prove her love for him.  

4. Total domination
Finally, he persuades her to be prepared to do anything, always reminding her that it is in the name of their love. He makes sure that she obeys his wishes, even persuading her to allow herself to be locked in the house on the pretext that it is for her own safety. Then the first instances of sexual violence occur when he persuades her to have sex with his friend. This is followed by the persuasion that he needs money, they both need money to live and selling her sex is the easiest and best way to earn that money.