Abolicionizmo Muziejus


“It’s very painful to remember my childhood. I went through a lot of experiences. The cruelest ones were, when I moved to the foster home. They used to shave us bald for disobeying. Also, they used to have us walk in the halls naked. That happened to me too. After that experience I completely lost myself. that’s how hard it hit me. Image, everybody looking and laughing, including the caretakers. I can’t justify that. All those things gave me a push into the prostitution business. I wanted to leave, but where would I go? My pimp kept holding all my money. I didn’t even have my own apartment. He kept on reassuring me, that it wouldn’t happen again, and he’d keep on giving me tranquilizers, so I’d fall asleep. Now I know, what those tranquilizers really were..