Abolicionizmo Muziejus


“Nobody liked me in school, that’s why I started avoiding people, they used to call me the garbage man’s daughter and that was very painful. I used to go for a walk in the woods alone, but every time I’d hear, that somebody is coming I would hide, and when they would pass, I would come out and walk on. That fear didn’t come just from nothing, it was simply that all those insults scared me, and, to keep from hearing all that, I simply avoided people. They used to call me the garbage man’s daughter, because my father worked on a garbage truck, but not only because of that, I was dressed poorly, my father couldn’t afford good clothes for me. There were times that I would even have to walk around with torn shoes, and that is why I heard a lot of insults, and they were very hard to bear. When I started doing it, I didn’t care much about what will happen to me, what they do to me. All I wanted is to look like others, to be able to buy new, beautiful clothes, to not be garbage man’s daughter anymore. But I never stopped seeing myself like that. Prostitution made me feel like a garbage myself. I hear sometimes women like doing that..Maybe, but to me it never happened. I never liked doing it. I just didn’t see myself worth of anything more.