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The Equality Model, also known as Nordic Model – a series of policy proposals that were developed by listening to survivors of the system of prostitution, thought as a tool to combat commercial sexual exploitation. It decriminalizes and protects those who are exploited in prostitution and holds sex buyers and exploiters (such as pimps and traffickers) accountable for the purchase of sexual acts.


The Equality Model was born in Sweden in 1999 and has since been adopted by numerous other countries that seek to protect women’s rights. Its adoption in Sweden showed positive results in what concerns reducing the demand for the buying of sexual acts and sex trafficking itself. The Equality Model developed support services for survivors of the sex trade and those who want to leave the sex industry.

How the Equality Model works:

1- Reduces selling and buying. – The burden of criminality is focused on pimps, traffickers and brothels who exploit others. Sex buyers are held responsible and accountable for the purchase of sexual acts.


2- Supports people who are vulnerable to exploitation. – it decriminalises individuals working as escorts or in brothels to know that the law is on their side. They are no longer targeted by the police. They are seen as victims and witnesses of crime. 


3- Prevention and Exit measures allow all people to have the choice not to be bought or sold for sex and supports equality and opportunity for all.


The Equality Model:

1- Protects and supports individuals who wants to leave prostitution.

2- Protects and supports individuals who do not want to enter prostitution.

3- Empowers victims of trafficking to escape

4- Ends culture of commodification and objectification of women’s bodies.