Abolicionizmo Muziejus


“I saw this announcement once in a city for strippers. I used to dance in a high school, so I thought it won’t be too bad. It is just dancing. Even if I felt uncomfortable being watched at me half naked with those high heels, being given compliment, whistles by these strange men. They always would try to get more from you. There was this one man who would come occasionally and stare at me, approach me. I was trying to explain to him, that I ONLY DANCE. But the owner of a strip club, told me that if I want to keep my job I have to leave customers always satisfied. I don’t know how everything progressed so quickly. My boss, he used to tell me, that I have to put up with it a little bit more if I want to earn money. He used to say, that he understands, how I feel, but it’s impossible any other way, and it’s necessary to stand it somehow more. He constantly told me how much good he has done for me, how kind and understanding he is and that here he protects me.”