Abolicionizmo Muziejus

Lithuanian abolitionists

Lithuanian abolitionists fought to end prostitution before.


In Lithuania, the ideas of abolitionism and women’s emancipation were introduced by G. Petkevičaitė-Bitė. In 1920, on her initiative, the Lithuanian Abolitionist Women’s Society was established.


In 1935, thanks to Paulina Kalvaitytė-Karvelienė, the Abolitionist Society achieved the abolition of legal prostitution in Lithuania.

“As long as our sex is bought and men are the buyers, we will have to see men as the enemies of our interests. As long as we have to join together in societies separate from men just to defend our cause. This is a sad truth, but one that is common among people everywhere: that as long as one part of humanity bends over, the other will ride on its neck. The stronger nation hurts the weaker, the richer class hurts the less well off, the officials hurt the subordinates, the masters hurt the servants, the men hurt the women.” – G. Petkevičaitė – Bitė

(Raštai, IV t. Pasikalbėjimai. Vilnius, 1967, p. 262–264.)